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Scribe Joinery is a commercial joinery fabricator and installer located in Tuncurry NSW, on the NSW Mid-North Coast. With 30 years of residential and commercial joinery. 

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Collis Industries Pty Ltd
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Scribe Joinery
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7 Leo Street Tuncurry NSW 2428


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Scribe Joinery has specialised in providing high quality commercial and residential joinery including installation, in a timely and cost effective manner, Australia wide since 2008.

Scribe has the resources, equipment, capacity and processes to deliver a high quality product on time and on budget

We have 100% commitment to our clients and believe that a positive client/supplier relationship and personalised service is best developed with

Excellent communication
Effective and efficient processes
High quality workmanship
The best technology and equipment
On time delivery

Employee Capabilities

All the staff members were hand-picked, mainly from the kitchen cabinet sector, based on their experience level, attention to detail and problem solving skills. We also employ apprentices and provide work experience for local schools with an eye to training new staff to the level we require for our clients.

Every employee has the qualifications and experience required to perform his/her duties to an excellent standard in a timely manner.

Equipment & Software

Scribe uses the most current software and machining systems to manufacture even complex designs efficiently. By use of our 3D modelling software we first construct the unit in cyber space which allows us to identify possible design problems before the unit ever hits the factory floor, and to accurately cost materials required.

The software then sends cutting instructions to our high capacity CNC machine where our experienced machinists process and check all parts for accuracy.

The unit is then assembled, shipped and installed in its final location by our dedicated assembly and installation teams

Joinery Manufacture

Through the development of an extensive cabinet production library we can

Our investment IT applications allow us to quote quickly and comprehensively.

During the tender process we can readily identify and recommend cost saving solutions and provide detailed shop drawings and CAD renderings.

Quality and cost control comes with experience. Our attention to check/measure and on site detail prior to commencement of production sets us apart. We have the confidence and skill to recommend and implement solutions and pre-empt on-site complexities.

Delivery in full on time is our manufacturing benchmark.

Armed with the accuracy and consistent quality of nested base technology, we operate our factory on a lean manufacturing model and employ just in time inventory management and manufacturing processes. This system provides us with significant capacity and supply flexibility

Installation Team

We believe that the installation process is an area where we can exceed our client’s expectation, build positive builder/supplier relationships and really demonstrate the quality and experience of our most highly skilled joiners

Our install team will deliver 24 hrs a day at a time to suit our client. It will deliver on time and has the skills and ability to manage all situations that may occur including fixing problems, making changes/variations as per the requirements of the builder.

Our install team is dedicated to fulfilling our client’s needs and expectations in a highly professional manner.

Quality Assurance Plan

Job Enquiry
Client provides information to Scribe
Jai Collis
Chris Weir
Scribe estimates the cost of the job
Jai Collis
Chris Weir
Accountant verifies the quote against prior similar jobs
Client checks against other quotes from other clients
Purchase Order
Client approves job
Jai Collis
Accountant requires a purchase order prior to sending initial 30% progress payment
Client sends purchase order
Purchase Order Verification
Accountant to check against Quote
30% Progress payment
As per purchase order
Jai Collis checks invoice against purchase order
Client checks invoice against purchase order
Architect plan
Architect sends a plan for the job
Check Measure
Scribe goes to the site and performs check measures
Jai Collis
Scribe checks that the architects plans match up with the check measure
Architect variations
Architect makes variations to plans if required after check measure
Chris Weir
Scribe reports to the architect with any feedback
Approval Drawings
Scribe produces drawings
Ron CusbertThe architect will approve these drawings against his plans and info supplied by Scribe and project mgt team
Production plan
Ron to produce in detail plans for each item to be manufactured
Ron Cusbert
This is a verification process and any problems at this stage are reported to the client
Client to approve any variances found at this point.
Shop drawing
Drawings to go the floor
Ron Cusbert
Ron will verify these against the approval drawings prior to sending them to the machinist
Machinist package
Checks with tape measure that parts correct
Nathan Collis
The machinist to verify all machined parts against the shop drawings. Any variations to be reported back to Ron Cusbert
Joinery assemblers team
Check against the plans
Licenced Joiners
To check all parts against the shop drawings prior to assembly. Any variances to be reported to Ray Keane and Ron Cusbert
Pre install
Set up in factory to check against plans
Jai Collis
All products to be set up in the factory and checked against shop drawings prior to being flat packed or packaged for delivery to site
On site
Damage Control
Installation Team
To inspect all items for defects prior installation
Check again
Installation Team
To check all items after install against the check measures and architects drawings
Final Verification
Client to check all items to make sure they are as per the architects requirements and that there are no defects

Major Clients

We provide commercial joinery and selected domestic joinery for clients all over Australia.  Past and on-going projects include:
Toronto Court House
Sara Lee Pymble

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